(she/her) Hello! I am a Los Angeles-based artist and M.F.A. graduate from the University of Washington's School of Drama in Seattle, WA. I hail from South Louisiana (the other L.A.), whose vibrant culture of celebration and self-expression forged my understanding of art as the heartbeat of a community. Plus a deep reverence for feathers, headpieces, and sequins (is that the Holy Trinity?) I have a studio art and art history background, costume shop experience stitching Mardi Gras royalty costumes, and am very hands-on in my design process.

Artist Statement

Costume design is the puzzle piece audiences need to connect with dynamic characters and their inspiring stories, and to draw the correlation between what is seen on stage to life and the world around us. I relish working with fellow artists to actualize their expressions of character or self, from early collaborative conversations, to the fitting room, to performances. Through my work, I hope to represent many inclusive stories and experiences, from which we, as viewers, have much to learn.

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